Traveling in Retirement

We’ve always loved to travel.  Early in our lives, we started a “Travel Fund”.  Every month, we’d put $200 into a special account, bank our vacation, and read travel magazines (pre internet) for location ideas.  We also got great ideas from traveling friends.  Everywhere was somewhere we wanted to go.  Neither of us grew up traveling and far off places seemed so exotic.  When I was in second grade, my aunt and uncle brought me to Yellowstone.  Growing up in the Midwest, seeing mountains made a big impression.  After that, I wanted to go everywhere and see everything.

Lots of years and lots of trips later, we still have the bug and the bucket list just keeps getting bigger.  While we still travel frequently, we’re looking forward to when we finally kick out from the workforce and really get to work on that list.

Stay tuned.

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