About Us

Hi There.  We’re Mark and Jill.  We love to travel and experience new things.  We started this website to chronicle our journey into and through retirement.  We’re always looking for new things to do in retirement.  We’re not quite retired yet but after 25+ years in the workforce, we’re ready.  Our minds are there even if we still have jobs.  We’re a little unique in that we’re on the early side to retire (Late 40’s / early 50’s) and we still have young children.  But hey, they get to share in our retirement while keeping us young.  Sounds like a pretty fair deal to me.

We’d like to share some thoughts on how we were able to get this position at this age.  And with travel being our passion, we’d like to share those journeys as well.  So, if this site seems a little “Split Personality”, it is.  Some retirement savings thoughts and some thoughts on things to do in retirement.  And when the unexpected happens, we’ll write about that too.  It’s all part of the journey.